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Our vision, values and priorities

Vision for Essex: The Future of Essex

It is because of the scale of challenges we face, and our recognition that we cannot deal with them alone, that we developed the Future of Essex which sets out the fundamental things we want to achieve for Essex in the next 20 years, and the things we’ll focus on to make them happen.

The Future of Essex was begun by Essex Partners, a collection of organisations dedicated to improving our county.

Its content has come from every corner of Essex: local people of all ages and backgrounds, community groups and schools; public, voluntary and private sector leaders have all contributed through interviews, surveys, engagement sessions, conversations and activities.

The purpose of The Future of Essex is to give all the many, different communities, groups and businesses of Essex a way to collaborate in planning our future. To unite us. To set out the kind of Essex we want to live in. To transcend short-term agendas and move us towards the big things that matter to all of us. To take our pride in our county, and channel it for the good of everyone.

It has seven ambitions:

  • Unite behind a sense of identity – Busting stereotypes, celebrating achievement, building pride
  • Enjoy life long into old age – Reducing the gap in life expectancy, tackling avoidable physical and mental illnesses and promoting independence wherever possible
  • Provide an equal start for every child – Improving school readiness, supporting safe and secure relationships, and making sure every child can go to a great Essex school
  • Strengthen communities through participation - Nurturing a safer, better connected society by giving people more ways to control and contribute to their communities.
  • Develop our county sustainably - Enhancing the things that make Essex a great place to live – our countryside, our coastline, our heritage – and working with local people and communities, to build homes not houses, places not developments, communities not estates.
  • Connect us to each other and the world - Tackling congestion on our roads and railways, securing large scale investment in low carbon modes of transport and delivering super-fast broadband to every part of Essex.
  • Share prosperity with everyone - Giving more people the chance to achieve the highest qualifications in key growth industries, providing the space for businesses to grow and relocate, and developing a united and relentless focus on attracting and maximising investment in Essex.

Strategic Aims for the County Council 

The Future of Essex establishes the priorities for the County Council in the context of our shared priorities for the County. Our Organisation Strategy sets out our four strategic aims and twelve strategic priorities to which the Council is committed and through our business planning process is then translated in to an annual Organisation plan.

The four strategic aims for the County Council are:

  • Enable inclusive economic growth
  • Help people get the best start and age well
  • Help create great places to grow up, live and work
  • Transform the Council to achieve more with less

For more information on our Organisation Strategy and Organisation Plan please see here.